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Coffee Mug to Go for Printing - Promotional Product Award

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Reusable Pandbecher for Coffee to Go - Coffee2Go by Mahlwerck Porzellan

Form 345
Coffee2Go »The Original«

Coffee2Go, the original! From the inventor of the coffee-to-go mug made of porcelain! The silicone band protects from heat. It is available in 3 different corrugations for different levels of heat protection.

Material: Porcelain
Content: 0,42l
Height: 134mm
Weight: 380g

Form 344
Coffee2Go »Mini«

Coffee2Go small is the original coffee-to-go cup made of porcelain, whose big brother 2009 was awarded the Promotional Gift Award and 2010 was nominated for the Designpreis Deutschland. There are many imitators, but only an original!

Material: Porcelain
Content: 0,25l
Height: 100mm
Weight: 280g

Form 467
Coffee2Go »Wave«

Coffee2Go Wave is the coffee-to-go mug with an ergonomically shaped silicone strap. It offers extra heat protection during coffee to go.


Material: Porcelain
Content: 0,30l
Height: 90mm
Weight: 300g

To you, your company and your customers:

Options & Accessories

From the world of gastronomy Coffee2Go is indispensable.
A host of trim levels allow you to customize Coffee2Go for your business.

Do you have any more ideas?
Talk to us! Individualized solutions are our hobby!
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The Mahlwerck 2Go Lid

Sits tightly, is reclosable
and dimensionally stable.

Many materials, such as silicone, expand when exposed to heat. The Mahlwerck 2Go lid stays stable and retains its shape. This means that this lid will continue to close tightly even when it is in contact with hot drinks.

  • tight-fitting lid
  • Swiss-made of plastic elastomer (no silicone!)
  • no toxic / harmful additives in the lid
  • free of plasticizers (bisphenol A / phthalate)
  • pleasant drinking (no silicone in the lid!)
Lid for the coffee to-go cup
Lid in individual colors and custom-made coffee to go

Custom-made lid

  • Lid with closure in standard colors: white and black
  • from 1000 St. in individual colors as Sonderanfetigung

Standard colors Lid for Coffee2Go cups

Standard cover

  • Swiss-made of plastic elastomer
  • Standard colors: white and black
  • individual colors from 1000 St. as custom-made

individual & colorful

  • Standard band
  • colored banderole
  • Profile-band
  • Embossing band
  • leather band
  • Filzbanderole
  • Printed banderole

Customize Coffee2Go?
Reusable as you wish!

Printing, glazing, engraving, playing with colors - from 250 pieces! Coffee-to-go cups, when printed individually, make even more sense for gastronomy. Take a look at the favorite refinements of our Coffee2Go customers and ask us about your personal solution!

Printed coffee mug To Go - Mahlwerck porcelain

Photo-realistic print in offset quality, scratch-resistant and dishwasher-safe: high-level transfer printing

Printing in strong single colors, scratch-resistant and dishwasher-safe: standard transfer printing. Also in matt and shiny

Small areas (logo printing) or all-round printing

Logo engraving and positive engraving as a single application or in combination with pressure

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