Reusable coffee mug with the 2Go Company

The alternative to
Coffee to-go paper cups

Porcelain coffee to go

The original Coffee2Go mug by Mahlwerck porcelain is already on the market since 2009 and tested millions of times, Now the sustainable alternative to paper cups conquers the gastronomy market.

Almost indefinitely reusable, Mahlwerck Coffee2Go is the taste-proof alternative to any disposable cup. Our Coffee to Go makes a secure contribution to conserving resources and reducing the impact on the environment.


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Reusable with the Mahlwerck Coffee2Go cup and the reusable system Mugcircle at Europe's largest promotional products fair. Accompany Ingo Moeller on a tour in this video and see how the Coffee To-Go reusable system Mugcircle works in practice! Reusable with Coffee to Go is possible!

German Environmental Aid - Coffee to Go Reusable Cup

Reusable instead of disposable

The requirements:

Mini pads for small coffee shops and cafes

  • Standard motifs selectable
  • from 12 pieces per motif
  • from 250 pieces on request with own design

Coffee2Go & Travel Mugs
Mug for customer loyalty

  • Bonus program and cashless payment via RFID chip
  • Discount programs and customer acquisition through personal QR code on the mug
  • also possible in connection with existing customer cards

Coffee2Go & Travel Mugs
Cup in the deposit system

Coffee to Go deposit cup for returnable bakeries
  • Be a pioneer before the compulsory contribution comes
  • exemplary environmentally friendly
  • Cups finance themselves virtually with each additional filling
  • can be linked with bonus programs

Ask for.

Coffee2Go cups in companies, offices and canteens

  • Employees provide coffee credit by RFID chip
  • Remote maintenance of coffee machines possible

In collaboration with LaReha, one of the largest providers of commercial coffee machines.

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Reusable - we join in

Take a look at what our customers are doing with the Mahlwerck Coffee2Go cup: our reusable references with large and small campaigns. We show you great design, interesting applications (the intelligene coffee mug!) But also very simple, working examples from everyday life, because customers love reusable!

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Coffee to go at the bakery Volkmann


Reusable to go at the Bakery Keim


Coffee credit by means of an RFID chip - Lenz bakery



Coffee mug to go at Krimpoff & Schulte

Coffee to Go alternative to disposable cups

Why porcelain?

In principle, everything is good, which is reusable. But have you ever seen a pharmacist mixing his healing formulas into plastic?
That has many good reasons! Porcelain and glass are among the hardest man-made materials and have been used to store and produce food for millennia.

  • Porcelain consists only of kaolin, feldspar and quartz.
  • The glaze is glassy.
  • Each imprint is burned into the porcelain enamel at 850 °
  • No dangerous additives are needed.
  • The glaze forms a closed surface.
  • Porcelain is absolutely tasteless.
  • Porcelain can be reused almost infinitely.

It's time!
disposable cups
the pass!

Alternative to plastic - the coffee to go mug made of porcelain
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Mahlwerck porcelain

Mahlwerck porcelain