Goodbye plastic, hello reusable cups!

Disposable cups Plastic ban - solutions through deposit systems with reusable cups

Goodbye plastic, hello favorite cup!

It's over since July 3, 2021! The federal government calls it “sustainability policy” and means it ban on disposable plastic items. From cotton swabs and drinking straws to crockery and Styrofoam packaging for quick snacks on the go, no single-use plastic products may be sold from this date. Even the to-go cup has to believe in it. In recent years it has become a symbol of the throwaway society and has significantly fueled the debate about the consequences of our modern lifestyle. Wanted now ecologically sensible alternatives – also for promotional items.


Sustainable reusable coffee to go cups


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Plastic is out!

Since July 3, 2021, the production of single-use plastic has been officially banned across the EU. High time, we think. Because our Coffee2Go mug made of porcelain is already 13 years (!) old.

With sustainable and climate-neutrally produced promotional items, Mahlwerck Porzellan has been a pioneer for the careful use of nature for 30 years. Since we invented the porcelain coffee to go mug in 2008, many big brands and small businesses have used them as ecological promotional gifts, given them to employees and customers, or offered them for sale in retail stores. Over the years we have brought many millions of the long-lasting, reusable cups to women and men.

Coffee to go mug BYO bring your own - Mahlwerck porcelain

Best eco-balance: BYO

The system with the best ecological balance is called "Bring your own". Here you can use your own reusable cup or bring it to the POS. This includes our Coffee2Go advertising mug but also other bought reusable cups that are used on the go.


The Private customers can now buy their own reusable cups directly from Mahlwerck. Click here >>>


2.300 tons of garbage are created per month from disposable cups. Mathematically, the disposable cups fill up 92 forty-ton trucks. This would become a Truck line of 1,3 kilometers form.

2.300 tons of waste through disposable cups

Garbage plastic cups

Reusable deposit systems

No question about it - a deposit system is a sensible solution. Buy coffee here, take a mug with you, give it back there, a perfectly clean affair. Only in reality - that also shows a study by the Federal Environment Agency -yet it is not working ideally: too many systems that are incompatible with each other, poor response rates and dirty cups that are piled up somewhere behind the counters. Therefore BYO - or Mahlwerck creates a new deposit system made of porcelain! Thought? Done!

Now we offer the first returnable deposit system made of porcelain that has been awarded and certified with the "Blue Angel" environmental label. This deposit system for XNUMXGo cups, agencies can offer their partners which than they can offer their customers . The banderole of the mug can be customized with the partner's logo.

Inquire about the returnable deposit system "Blue Angel">

Reusable Blue Angel system made of porcelain

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Other deposit systems

Individual reusable cups

Alternatively, we have two other reusable systems in our portfolio: With the MyBrand promotional cups, the cup is completely customized according to the customer's CI designed and ensures sustainable image building. These reusable cups are often found in gas stations, bakeries, Blades etc. It becomes even more individual with MyCup - because here the cups are also personalized. It's great for In-house systems such as canteens or cafeterias and contributes to strengthening the sustainability concept in companies.

No matter which of our systems it should be - it makes ecological sense, future-oriented, sustainable and, last but not least, drinks from porcelain cups simply taste better. Together we will make Germany plastic-free!

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That's why reusable porcelain cups!

Porcelain vs disposable cups

1 porcelain mug =
340+ disposable cups

On average, every German uses 34 to-go cups for hot drinks per year. That has a study by the Federal Environment Agency found out. For each of us, that's 34 piles of mini rubbish together they grow to 28.000 tons of waste - every year, only in Germany(!!).

Quite different from our 2Go mug made of porcelain: When used for 10 years - and porcelain can do that easily - it replaces 340 disposable cups.

Several 1.000 missions would also be no problem. In other words, if everyone uses a porcelain to-go cup, then that will be 280.000 tonnes less garbage in ten years alone. Crazy!

If you consider that already after XNUMX uses, reusable cups make ecological more sense compared to disposable cupsare, then that's a very worthwhile investment in nature.

Porcelain mug

Naturally natural

reusable cups

Admittedly: There are reusable cups made from different materials other than porcelain. But be careful! Reusable plastic cups made of polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE) are are not naturally degradable. Also so called Bio-plastic from renewable raw materials is problematic. The manufacturing is resource intensive and it takes a lot of time to rot often so long that the plastic is in fact neither composted nor recycled. Porcelain, on the other hand, can be used for an extremely long time and consists of naturally occurring raw materials.

Healthy and tasty

"Warning, hot!", is written on many of the cups. For some, it should say something completely different. Because at temperatures above 70 ° C, substances can get into your drink that have no business being in there. Especially bamboo cups have drawn attention to themselves with negative headlines. Many of the to-go containers that appear to be made of a natural material have a melamine content of 63% and more. The synthetic resin contains carcinogenic substances. Other materials such as stainless steel may be harmless, the taste of it it - well, a matter of liking. Porcelain is not only harmless to health, it is also tasteless. Coffee and tea keep their natural taste.

Further details on the "alternatives">

Coffee to go reusable bicycle cups - Mahlwerck porcelainGuaranteed sustainable - coffee to go cups made of porcelain

Ecologically sensible promotional items - coffee to go reusable cups

The air is clear, the sea hopefully soon!

Mahlwerck has been producing completely climate-neutral promotional items since 2018How ecological a product is always depends on the manufacturing process. At Mahlwerck we produce 100% ecologically and climate neutral, so that our cups have an excellent record in terms of environmental protection and waste reduction from start to finish.

Sustainability with style

For some people it is just a mug, for others it is the coolest lifestyle product in the world. If you have the choice, you will be happy to take a high-quality mug with you eye-catching coloring, noble engraving or even one with your own name. At Mahlwerck there are almost no limits to the design possibilities of our 2Go cups.

We still have one

Okay, our Coffee2Go porcelain mug isn't that unique. All the great advantages for the environment and the owner naturally apply just as much to our other 2Go products as they do Snack2Go, Soomthie2Go and ours 2Go Systems.

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