Sustainability message with the Coffee to Go mug made of porcelain

Sustainable business with Coffee to Go

Driving the idea of ​​sustainability even further

Doing, thinking and living more sustainably - with the coffee to go mug made of porcelain!

Sustainability and resource conservation play an important role at Kettelhack in Rheine. The idea of ​​becoming more sustainable, thinking and living is the initiative for the Coffee to Go reusable cup made of porcelain emerged. Printed in a special Kettelhack design, the porcelain mug expresses the company's commitment to quality and sustainability. Thanks to an integrated RFID chip in the lid, every employee can even use their cup to pay for cashless payments to the new automatic coffee machine.


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Important information from the video:

Short facts about the company Kettelhack from Reihne:

  • Medium-sized enterprise
  • family run in the fourth generation
  • since 144 years on the market
  • from the textile industry
  • produces fabrics that are further processed in other companies
  • for workwear or object area (eg bed linen for hotels)
  • Production in Germany.

resource conservation: Driving the idea of ​​sustainability even further!

  • The coffee to go porcelain mug has been introduced
  • Idea of ​​sustainability ambassadors

Reusable Coffee to go Mug made of porcelain: a project with many advantages!

  • Versatile use with and without lid
  • for business trips in the car
  • Lid protects against coffee stains
  • excellent taste of porcelain cups
  • good drinking feeling with high quality lid
  • Porcelain is the sustainable reusable solution

Special feature - the RFID chip:

  • recharge credit
  • use it to make cashless payments at the coffee machine
  • integrated in the closure of the coffee cover

The porcelain Coffee to Go mug makes an important contribution to the company Kettelhack in order to operate, think and live more sustainably. Discover our reusable coffee to go cups made of porcelain here >>>

Mahlwerck porcelain

Mahlwerck porcelain