Smoothie2Go - ToGo drinking cup made of glass with lid

Smoothie2Go, drinking cup to go made of glass with lid

Healthy touch

Start the day with this refreshing vitamin cocktail! Smoothie to go revives the market for mugs and cups in a completely new way. Combine brand and company trend-conscious with the feeling of healthy lifestyle and sustainability.


Restraint characterizes the successful, modern marketing campaigns.
"In" is what does not look like advertising. There is a demand for promotional items that have great benefits and aesthetic quality.
With the young, modern target group you score with Smoothie2Go. Always mobile, internationally oriented and urban.

At least this is the cliché.

But you will be surprised, how much popularity there is, for this design mug, from the most different people!

Start now! A healthy lifestyle with smoothies. Here's the mug: Smoothie2Go, photo:

Flexible and mobile
with smoothie to go

In every big city, smoothie bars are popping up. Whether it's the delicious fruit drinks or even the healthy green smoothies, here is the mug for trendy enjoyment on the go.

  • Drinking cup made of high quality glass
  • Popular design with new scope
  • tight with the tried-and-tested Mahlwerck 2Go lid
  • Resealable and suitable for straws
  • Suitable for all drinks - whether colorful or clear!
Logo Smoothies to Go - Mahlwerck porcelain

Nobody knows that yet:

Smoothie2Go is as a drinking cup a genuine novelty, as it has been in glasses for a long time. The clear, reduced shape and the extraordinary mix of materials make this cup a star in everyone's hands. Whether in the office, at home or at the next party.
This innovative drinking cup has an enormously wide range of applications:

  • in the office: the workplace stays dry!
  • at home: for all commuters between lunch, garden and sofa
  • to the next party: an innovative cup for drinks
  • the universal drinking cup for events and congresses
  • also for food: yoghurt, muesli, soups, etc.
  • and finally: on the way - on the way - on the road!

Attention guaranteed

Smoothie2Go attracts everyone's attention. Even the modern standard colors of lid and banderole secure these glasses attention. We realize your corporate design with the cover in the desired colors already from 1000 piece, with the banderole already starting from 500 piece.

Smoothie mug with lid to go - Mahlwerck Form361
Smoothie glass with lid - Mahlwerck promotional product
Blue Smootie2Go mug with lid and logo engraving - promotional mug
Beautiful Mug for Smothies - Promotional Product 361

Simple and efficient

For your logo we recommend a simple engraving in the glass. Due to the special Mahlwerck engraving, large circulating motifs are possible.

Do you have other ideas in mind? Talk to us, even in the planning phase! Together we customize your Smoothie to Go promotional mug. Many things are possible!

Smoothie glass with a tight lid filled with a delicious drink - Promotional product with logo engraving

Filled with a delicious forest fruit smoothie:
The smoothie cup with the optional, resealable Mahlwerck 2Go lid.

Smoothie to Go cup with lid - shape 361 for printing

The Mahlwerck 2Go Lid

There are many imitators, but only an original! The million times proven Mahlwerck 2Go lid stands out from conventional lids:

  • Swiss-made
  • Sits tightly, is leak proof and dishwasher safe
  • Made of elastomer. Free from plasticizers (bisphenol A, phthalates) or other harmful substances.
  • Pleasant drinking (no silicone!)
  • thought through in every detail
  • Specially developed geometry, patented
  • Lid in desired color and / or resealable from 1000 pieces

Sustainable brand development

Smoothie2Go not only allows the image transfer of innovation, novelty, health and hipness to your brand. Even climate and environmental friends can identify with this design cup to 100%: he is produced carbon neutral and spares our resources. Disposable products are avoided and less harmful to the environment! So ours supports Smoothie to Go reusable cup as a sustainable promotional item your claim to effective branding. Do it like many other brands too: use the sustainability factor.

Smoothie to go logo red

The 2Go family from Mahlwerck

Ask directly for the individual shapes or be inspired by our design ideas. You can also request this template directly!

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Mahlwerck porcelain

Mahlwerck porcelain