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The new magazine catalog 2022 as a flip catalog

Trends, inspiration, the complete presentation of all finishes and a comprehensive catalog section of the Mahlwerck porcelain designs: the new Magalog (MagazinKatalog) as a flip catalog for online browsing and download

Goodbye plastic, hello reusable cups!

The ban on disposable plastic will come into force in July 2021. Now we need good alternatives to disposable plastic cups! Coffee to go deposit systems, your own reusable cup (BYO) or do you want to use disposable paper cups? In this article you can find out numbers, facts and which coffee to go solutions are available.

We are supporters of the UN Global Compact

By joining the UN Global Compact in April 2019, Mahlwerck has committed to doing business in accordance with the ten principles of this initiative.

Augmented Reality on promotional items

With Augmented Reality (AR) cups, mugs and dishes at Mahlwerck become digital screens for your promotion. For example, you can find out how a video is put on a mug here!

30 years of promotional items from Mahlwerck Porzellan

Life itself writes the best stories, they say. It goes without saying that the Mahlwerck success story is one of these really good stories for us. In the beginning Mahlwerck was a captivating idea, a dream. Then we had this kiln in the bathroom and suddenly the first order. Mahlwerck was born ...

Individually printed plates
& Serving platters for gastonomy

Whether it's a delicious steak, hearty burger or a Mediterranean fish dish - oval plates are the perfect shape to showcase dishes even better. The icing on the cake is an individual print or an elegant Mahlwerck engraving. How to put your food in the spotlight.

Porcelain with individual engraving - branded catering promotion sets

Small runs, individual logo engraving - these are the new promotional packages from Mahlwerck Porcelain. This means that even smaller companies can equip their conference room or their coffee lounge with branded dishes. But this tableware is also ideal for your brand appearance of small restaurants and bars.

Amazing Glass -
Engraving coloured glasses

Glasses in deep black or snow white, completely opaque or translucent - plus a brilliant logo engraving. The perfect advertising glass with magical effects is ready. The world has never seen such glasses like this before!

End of the disposable plastic cups - the reusable alternatives

Politics has decided in terms of sustainability: one-way plastic is prohibited! This marks the end of environmentally harmful plastic tableware such as disposable coffee mugs, food containers and the like.
Here you can find out what the ecologically and health-friendly alternatives are and what impact the ban has on bakeries, restaurants, coffee bars, retailers and consumers.

Sustainable & climate-neutral promotional items made of porcelain

Porcelain is a good thing per se. Made from natural raw materials, recyclable, durable and sustainable. So it has inherent advantages that other promotional items cannot offer. In 2018, we decided to make the entire company and its products climate neutral. Now we have extended our certificate to 2021.

Thank you mug with individual engraving

Many deserve a big “thank you” not only in corona times. Doctors and nursing staff, salespeople, employees and colleagues or even parents who persevere in these difficult times. You can thank these everyday heroes with our THANK YOU collection. Our cups are available with a name personalization from 1 piece.

Premium promotional items -
Cups & mugs for your brand presence

Whether modern, traditional, or dynamically young. With these 10 cups you are guaranteed to find the right style for your brand. This makes it easy to implement your corporate identity on promotional items made of high-quality porcelain.

Lovingly designed:
Porcelain specials for trade and commerce

The B2B Mahlwerck range for trade and commerce includes lovingly designed cups, mugs and reusable 2Go products. We offer specialist and retailers gift items in extraordinary designs. Discover our latest lifestyle accessories - inspired by the latest trends in fashion, design and living.

SuperSparkly - glamor for promotional mugs

With the SuperSparkly glitter surface, you can give your brand radiance and a glamorous feel.

Sustainability message with the Coffee to Go mug made of porcelain

Sustainability and resource conservation play an important role at Kettelhack in Rheine. From the idea to operate, think and live more sustainably, the initiative for the Coffee to Go reusable cup made of porcelain was born.

How to turn your business into reusable cups!

You want in your company away from disposable coffee to go cups from the machine and to reusable cups? In this video you will learn how the pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim has succeeded and what advantages the porcelain cups have for them.

Advertising porcelain that makes an impression - a lounge talk with the CyberGroup

Mahlwerck Porzellan is about eye-catching promotional items made of porcelain - promotional porcelain that has never been seen before. This is also evident in the CG Lounge Talk. You can see the entire 15-minute interview between Steven Baumgärtner from Cybergroup International and Tobias Köckert in the video here.

Asphalt Look - Staged for strong brands

Asphalt stands for movement and outdoor like no other material. That's why our developers have developed an asphalt look for porcelain. A surface that is suitable as a brand ambassador for many outdoor brands.

Promotional products for the summer

Spread the real summer feeling with the ice cream mug "Jogi" or the Smoothie2Go mug! Take advantage of these style icons for the summer and recharge your brand with positive emotions!

Smoothie2Go - ToGo drinking cup made of glass with lid

Whether for juices, smoothies or other drinks: Smoothie2Go is the ideal drinking cup made of glass with a particularly tight-fitting Mahlwerck 2Go lid

Coffee to Go reusable system for trade fairs

NEW! The compact reusable system for Coffee to Go cups was in use at the Munich Advertising Media Fair. Thanks to the porcelain cups, there was sustainable coffee enjoyment. How this works shows you our video.

Reusable coffee cup system Mug Circle Spot

Mug Circle Spot is the compact reusable system for coffee to go cups. It can be placed anywhere and is perfect for replacing disposable cups in vending. For example for cafes, canteens, universities, shopping centers, hospitals, bakery branches and many more. A video gives you a quick overview.

Video - This is how the Mahlwerck porcelain manufactory works

In the Mahlwerck manufactory, over a hundred employees print, glaze and engrave porcelain cups and mugs. Discover in this video how our specialists for porcelain - partly by hand - produce promotional items for well-known brands.

Coffee-to-Go reusable system Mugcircle

This is how Mugcircle, the reusable system for coffee to cups with a deposit in practice, works

Concrete & stone finishing

Now on porcelain! Stone surfaces and ultramodern concrete look. The trend from the home and living area.

Poly - special mugs made of porcelain with a polygon shape

The new cup by Mahlwerck messes up the world of cups neatly. It is believed to be one of the first polygonal cups to be mass-produced by isostatic pressing, a process that promises to be particularly accurate in porcelain. She is the eye-catcher on every table.
Poly can print a modern brand image very well in an individually printed, glazed and engraved way.

The Coffee to Go reusable system Mugcircle in live operation!

End with disposable cups! Join Ingo Moeller in this video for a tour of Europe's largest promotional products exhibition.

Therefore reusable coffee to go with customer loyalty

The Coffee to Go reusable cup ensures customer loyalty at the Volkmann bakery.

Coffee to Go deposit system at OMV filling stations

Reusable coffee to go at the OMV filling stations The Viva Café is the answer of OMV filling stations to the changes in mobility provision. Here one puts emphasis on quality, a large offer and: on good Fairtrade coffee! The coffee to go since May 2017 also served in porcelain cups! Core of the very simple returnable system [...]

Reusable coffee to go at the bakery Mensing

The Mensing bakery in Velen-Ramsdorf has been using the Mahlwerck Coffee2017Go porcelain cup since February. This reusable cup replaces more and more the old paper cups and reduces the garbage mountain, which is created by Coffee to Go enjoyment. The quality must be right!

Fast and easy to the advertising mug

In addition to excellent quality, service is the top priority at Mahlwerck Porzellan. Because projects can only be implemented perfectly and simply if the service concept is consistently applied.
Here you will learn step by step how to order printed cups and cups from Mahlwerck Porzellan.

Topseller - the most popular mugs and cups

The most popular cups and cups for printing, engraving and glazing The Topseller of Mahlwerck! Watch now!

Germany in reusable fever - avoid disposable cups

Plastic-coated coffee-to-go cups - hopefully these disposable cups will soon be a thing of the past! The trend is fortunately to reusable cups. Not only because the German environmental aid has started a great campaign for it, but also because many consumers are aware that it does not go on with so much pointless garbage.

Returnable cups: the alternatives

Coffee-to-go cups are on everyone's lips. Feverishly looking for alternatives for disposable cups. Bamboo cups suddenly appear everywhere. At first glance, this promises a calm conscience towards the environment. But there have been warnings for years. What is it exactly?

Short explanation: The most important favorite coffees

First of all coffee, but which one? The most important contemporary types of coffee and their preparation as a short explanation.

Cakes in a Mug: Cupcake Cake Recipes

Do you fancy cake? You only need a few minutes for these delicious little cakes in the cup. The recipes couldn't be easier! Whether as a quick dessert at the office lunch, for a little hunger in the afternoon or as a sweet surprise for, those with the sweet tooth, after dinner - you and your loved one(s) will spoil yourself(s) with its rich and sweet taste.

Cups collection for Ford Vignale

The introduction of the new Ford Vignale is flanked by high-quality selected merchandising: from noble leather bags to iPhone case, the great tray with the espresso cups made of bone china porcelain, everything - like the car itself - feels like the upper class.

Ford Merchandising Mugs

Rarely you meet a merchandising shop where all the components mesh so well together: Products and brands enter a perfect symbiosis in Ford merchandising.

Emoji plug-on for the Coffee2Go mug

Spread the good mood with the new plug-ins for Coffee2Go, the original porcelain coffee-to-go mug! You can choose the new emoji banderole as an accessory instead of the standard band for the 344 Coffee2Go Mini and 345 Coffee2Go shapes.

Mahlwerck porcelain: 25 years

From the basement to the Stadl to the big manufactory, from two founders to 120 employees in June 2016. Heike Hampel-Rudolph and Tobias Köckert, the two owners of Mahlwerck Porzellan, have invested a lot of diligence and commitment in building up a company from scratch.

Excentra - the crooked plate

The 'crooked plate' is not only an excellent promotion idea, it can be used by its stackability now in the catering industry. Whether restaurant or corporate canteen, 'Excentra', the crooked plate remains straight at stacking and can be built up to high towers.

PSI congratulates Mahlwerck on 25 years

The managing director of the Promotional Product Institute, better known as PSI, Michael Freter, personally honored and congratulated Tobias Köckert on the 25 anniversary of Mahlwerck Porzellan.

The coffee cup for Voice of Germany

All Germany followed the blind auditions of the TV program "The Voice of Germany". The new Melitta coffee bar was often in the limelight:

The eco-friendly coffee to go mug

Here is the advertising material 3.0: The first cup that can store credit. For gastronomy, promotions / promotional items, coffee makers and vending.

Coffee to Go reusable coffee cup made of porcelain

6,4 billion paper cups per year on the trash. Only in Germany. That has to change: give away disposable cups.

Making of: Ford Lifestyle Cups Collection

We had the video team of the Ford Lifestyle Collection in the Mahlwerck factory. A look behind the scenes in printing, glaze and engraving

Swiss promotion award PromoFritz 2015

CoffeeCache with Coffee2Go, the cup of coffee credit stores, wins the Swiss promotion award PromoFritz 2015

First Choice Award for Coffee2Go Wave

At the Promotionworld in Hannover, the audience awarded the prestigious award to the version of the original Coffee2Go made of porcelain.

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