Writing field print - blackboard for cups

Writing pad on mug for advertising - Mahlwerck porcelain
Cup with writing pad and logo for the brand Müller Milch - Mahlwerck porcelain

Writing surface print

Writing boards on mugs and cups? Yes, there is such a thing. Whether for the office or as a promotional gift for customers. Cups and mugs with a blackboard to write on are promotional items that are always used. Can be written on with normal colored pencils, washable in the dishwasher. There are still many ideas in here!


  • can be labeled with normal colored pencils
  • washable in the dishwasher
  • dishwasher safe
  • scratch-resistant
  • free of harmful substances (test certificates from hansecontrol available on request for a charge)
  • well suited for solid color line art


  • Lettering of bulbous cup shapes is difficult


  • from 250 piece
  • Full-surface decors or only partial decors in logo size
  • The price is calculated according to the number of printing inks and the decor size
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Mahlwerck porcelain

Mahlwerck porcelain

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