Silicone pads with color & profile

Silicone pads

for the Softpad Mug, Mini & Bowl

In color, with profile and logo

Let your creativity take over your mind and body! Whether in the classical standard colors, in desired color for the right contrast or with profile and logo embossing.

The silicone pads fit on the following shapes:

Standard silicone pad

  • in the 4 standard colors:
    black, gray (Pantone 7544C), white and red (Pantone 485 C) available

Silicone pad in special color

  • from 250 pieces
  • in your favorite color, suitable for your CI

Silicone pad with standard profile

  • from 500 pieces
  • with standard tire tread in the colors
    black and gray

Silicone pad with profile

  • from 1000 pieces
  • with own profile as custom-made
  • Desired color possible

Silicone pad with logo and profile

  • from 1000 pieces
  • Special order with own profile and pattern
  • available in desired color
  • additional logo in the profile

Learn more about our silicone pads in the large web special of Softpad Mug.

to the web special

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