Hydro glaze on porcelain

Hydroglaze for Pantone and HKS colors on porcelain cups and mugs
Hydroglaze for Pantone and HKS colors on porcelain cups and mugs
Pantone jumbo mug with logo engraving - Mahlwerck porcelain
Bright colors thanks to HKS and Pantone colors Hydro glaze with logo engraving cup - shape 151

Hydroglaze - Brilliant colors on cups and mugs

Hydroglaze is a completely new application of paint for glass and porcelain. Already from 250 pieces it is possible to use all Pantone colors CI-compliant on porcelain.


  • all pantone colors or HKS colors are now possible on porcelain
  • also metallic, gold and silver colors
  • perfect application of corporate identity, all color specifications are fulfilled
  • strong effect through unprecedented color splendor
  • still an unusual, special appearance
  • Water-based
  • completely free of harmful substances and absolutely suitable for food.
  • Dishwasher safe (with matt Hydroglasur hand washing is recommended!)
  • surfaces semi-gloss or high gloss
  • from 250 pieces


  • Hydroglaze is not 100% scratch resistant and therefore not suitable for the tough daily routine
  • A combination with the matte Velvety process makes them almost as scratch-resistant as regular glazes
  • matt hydroglaze: hand wash recommended


  • from 250 piece
  • all Pantone or HKS colors, metallic, gold and silver colors
  • Surfaces high glossy or semi-glossy
  • also one colored engraved engraving is also possible
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Mahlwerck porcelain

Mahlwerck porcelain