Banderoles for Coffee2Go cups

Banderoles for coffee to go cups
Banderoles for coffee to go cups

Banderoles for Coffee to Go cups 344 & 345

The banderole of the Mahlwerck Coffee2Go can be a wonderful additional design element of the mug. Emphasize your corporate identity or set haptic accents with a profile band, which acts as a stronger heat protection. It gets really interesting with its own profile, such as tire shapes. The wide banderoles can also be embossed to become a very special feature of your Coffee2Go mug. The Coffee2Go gets a particularly elegant look through the leather banderoles, attentive interaction can be achieved with the attachable emoji buttons. Printed banderols for the Coffee2Go porcelain mug round off your design with style and give the mug an individual touch.

Stamps ribbing:

Banderole without ribbing on average
without ribbing

One-sided nubs on the band in cross-section
one-sided pimples

One-sided ribbing in banderoles cut
one-sided corrugation

Banderols: Two-sided ribbing on average
double-sided corrugation

Standard band

  • White, Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Magenta
  • Smooth surface
Banderoles for porcelain mugs

Colored banderole

  • from 250 pieces in individual colors


  • Standard colors: white, black
  • From 250 pieces in individual colors
  • From 1000 piece with desired profile

effect band

  • for form 345
  • from 1.000 pieces
  • Colors on request
  • Blind embossing possible

Printed banderole

  • for form 345
  • Print on request

leather band

  • for form 345
  • Colors on request
  • Blind embossing possible

Felt band

  • for form 345
  • in different colors
  • Lasercut of the logo possible

Emoji band

  • for form 345
  • including 10 emojis
  • individual motifs on request

Learn more about the individual finishing options for the original: the Mahlwerck Coffee2Go & Travel Mugs Porcelain cup.

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Mahlwerck porcelain

Mahlwerck porcelain