Scratch-resistant ceramic glaze

Cups with ceramic glaze
Scratch-resistant mug with ceramic glaze
Dishwasher safe mugs - ceramic glaze

Mugs with ceramic glaze

Tried and tested 1000 times. Ceramic glazing is the dishwasher-safe way to color porcelain throughout. The color on dishes is absolutely scratch-resistant and dishwasher-safe. You need a scratch-resistant finish for your logo for the robust primer. Leave the cups and mugs with yours engrave logo or with Print transfer printing.


  • ceramic glaze is very scratch-resistant
  • suitable for gastronomy
  • fired at 1000° C
  • the cup can be fully colored
  • dishwasher safe
  • high gloss surfaces


  • not all colors can be displayed
  • Color effect must be estimated in individual cases
  • certain colors contain precious metals, e.g. B. many pink and magenta-like colors, and therefore cause a not inconsiderable surcharge


  • Standard colors from 250 pieces
  • many Pantone or HKS colors available
  • from 1.000 pieces can be realized in special colors

Ceramic glaze also finds inside on cups and mugs application and works fine print with opaque colors, this way, advertising cups can be printed in many ways.

Colors for cups with ceramic glaze

for coloring porcelain

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Mahlwerck porcelain

Mahlwerck porcelain