Crockery set for gastronomy with logo

Large crockery set for gastronomy

Mix and match the dishes to your liking, but still remain consistent in style! This is possible with this large tableware series for the catering and hotel industry. Various cups and saucers can be flexibly combined. There are also plates, bowls and serving platters for every application. With transfer printing or a logo engraving, the gastro crockery remains a modern eye-catcher.

Gastronomy Tableware Branded Gastro

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Large series of crockery for gastronomic needs.

This large gastro series includes different cups, saucers, plates and serving plates in different sizes. Shock resistance and dishwasher compatibility are a matter of course.

The tableware with an engraving looks particularly elegant. Customization with transfer printing is also robust and suitable for everyday use.