Deposit systems for returnable coffee to go

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Deposit cup, a perfect cycle:

Reusable to-go with porcelain

Coffee2Go is the deposit cup for your business! You can use the coffee mug on the go in two ways:

1. They sell the cup as a commodity
and exchange the cup for your customer after use.

The pricing is in your hands. All you have to do is wash your customers' cups. But there are no costs for paper cups and their disposal.

2. You use the Mahlwerck Change Program.
You provide your customers with the deposit-to-go cups. In order to minimize the costs, a cheap hire-purchase system comes into play.

  • Adoption 1: a paper cup costs € 0,10
  • Adoption 2: Your customers consume a coffee-to-go per day.
  • This results in your daily price of € 0,10 for a to-go porcelain mug in a hire purchase.
  • Depending on the printing and variant, every pledged coffee-to-go mug will become your property after about 60 days.
  • From this point on, every coffee-to-go portion will earn you exactly that € 0,10. Because the cost of paper cups omitted!
    Power per year and regular € 22, -

It pays to buy a dishwasher quickly, if not already available!

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Coffee to Go deposit cup for returnable systems

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