End of the disposable plastic cups - the reusable alternatives

One-way ban - The end of plastic cups and dishes

The end of
Disposable plastic cups


Politics has decided in terms of sustainability: one-way plastic is prohibited! So that is the end for environmentally harmful plastic tableware such as disposable coffee mugs, food containers and Co. ushered in.

Here you can find out what the ecologically and health-wise alternatives and the effects of the ban on bakeries, restaurants, coffee bars, retailers and consumers.

What lasts is sustainable!

Ecologically sound reusable cups instead of single-use plastic productsBeautiful and durable: To-go reusable cups made of porcelain & glass

Reusable cups - the alternatives!



They are suitable as advertising and merchandising items, as gifts or for sale. For a deposit they can be used in bakeries, coffee bars, restaurants and canteens. Anyone who previously relied on plastic can now opt for individually designed 2Go products or on Standard motifs from Mahlwerck.

Coffee to go mug
made of porcelain

Reusable coffee to go mug as a good alternative made of porcelain for disposable cups made of plastic

A perfect replacement for disposable cups! Coffee to Go reusable cups are durable and produced by Mahlwerck Porzellan even 100% climate-neutral More on this >>>

Sustainable snack bowl with lid - reusable cup

Snack2Go Bowl

With Snack2Go, nobody has to eat plastic or cardboard on the go. Whether cold or warm dishes: With Snack2Go you bring food culture into the mobile world.

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Smoothie2Go glass cup

Glass cups are a good choice from the food technology point of view. Glass has similar advantages to porcelain, but its heat storage capacity is better.

The advantages of drinking glasses with lids:

  • tasteless,
  • durable,
  • Engraving is scratch resistant,
  • durable printing possible

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Smoothie mug with lid to go - Mahlwerck Form361

Mock pack or one-way alternative?

Most so-called alternatives to disposable tableware like Bio plastic, bamboo or paper have a few points in common. You have one …

  • short lifespan,
  • are not neutral in taste,
  • cannot be printed scratch-resistant,
  • the motifs fade after a few rinses,
  • the product quality is rather low.


Bio-plastic is often advertised as THE alternative to conventional plastic packaging. In the The Federal Government is specifically putting articles on sustainability policy into this plastic disposable packaging: "The term "Compostable" plastic packaging is misleading. " Even with large-scale composting plants, composting often does not work completely. In your own garden compost, such plastics degrade even worse or not at all. The attribute “biodegradable” is therefore misleading. For this reason, appropriate organic packaging was also prohibited.


The bamboo mug is also with one only a 20-37% share of bamboo fibers, it is not really a sustainable alternative. For the most part, it consists of the synthetic resin melamine. He's not just that ecologically questionable, but also hazardous to health. Because carcinogenic substances from the artificial resin can pass into the drink, especially at higher temperatures from 70 ° C. You can find more information about to-go bamboo cups and other products in our article "Reusable cups: the alternatives">


Cups and plates made of paper or cutlery made of wood and other natural materials will stil be allowed in the future. But such articles should also be used as rarely as possible. Because they can only be used once and too much garbage is stil too much garbage - regardless of whether it is made from bio-based, biodegradable plastic or from other materials.

Coffee to Go made from bio plastic not biodegradable

Not biodegradable - coffee to go cups & Co. made of bio-plastic


Disposable plastic cups are prohibited - because they often end up in the sea or on beaches

Protection of the sea and the environment

No question: Food and drinks to go are practical and correspond to a modern lifestyle. That is why more and more people consume their food outside the their home or have it delivered. We are happy to take a coffee to go to work from the bakery around the corner in a plastic cup. And for lunch break to get Asian noodles ordered in the styrofoam dinner box. Drunk, eaten, packaging thrown away. This is practical and convenient, but it creates more and more rubbish.

This often happens in nature. Packaging waste often ends up in the park, on the bank or is left on the beach. It then lies there for a long period of time and crumbles into plastic waste. The small plastic particles are blown away by the wind, washed into rivers by the rain, picked by birds or swallowed by fish. Disposable packaging harms our environment, the animals and ultimately our own health.


The cabinet has one Sales ban for disposable plastic items adopted. Coffee & beverage cups, fast food packaging, disposable food containers and much more made of Styrofoam and plastic will no longer be allowed in the future. Conventional single-use plastic products, for which there are already good alternatives prohibited by this regulation. The law applies across the EU and bans the manufacture of single-use plastic from 3 July 2021. However, the sale of existing stocks should remain permissible in order to avoid the destruction of unused disposable products.


For the Gastronomy, trade and consumers does that mean, that in the future you will no longer be able to use plastic dishes and such. Bakeries and restaurants need better take-away solutions for food and drinks. Good to-go alternatives are therefore needed in the future.

Less waste, not other waste!

The Association of Municipal Companies (VKU) estimates that to-go products make up around ten to 20 percent of waste in parks, public spaces and streets - above all the to-go cups. According to the association, there is a risk that single-use plastic will be replaced by single-use products made from a different material or that single-use products will be declared as "reusable". Here, too, the mere substitution of single-use plastic products with single-use products made from other materials - such as aluminum, paper or wood - must be prevented.

"The same applies here: we need more reusable and not another one-way."

Vice President of the Association of Municipal Enterprises (VKU), Patrick Hasenkamp
To the press release of the VKU>


Porcelain to go

Coffee to go & snack to go as an alternative to plastic disposable cups
Ecological reusable products, of course

Porcelain …

  • is a natural product
  • has existed for millennia,
  • is inherently durable,
  • can be reused almost infinitely.
Mahlwerck: 100% climate neutral

Since January 2018, additional all articles produced 100% climate neutral. Since then, everyone Snack2Go, Smoothie2Go, Coffee2Go & Travel Mugs, Logo cups and also our lovingly designed merchandise is made CO2 neutral. This makes them one of the most sustainable alternatives you can choose for single-use plastic tableware.

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Sustainable and environmentally friendly promotional products

Mahlwerck porcelain

Mahlwerck porcelain