Design mug for logo printing - Softpad Mug

Cups with advertising imprint - Mahlwerck Porzellan

For the office: Design mug for printing - the Softpad Mug by Mahlwerck Porzellan. The visual

Shape 352 Softpad Mug:
The it girl under the advertising cups!

The design mug
for logo printing and more

The Number One: Design Mug for Printing - Softpad Mug by Mahlwerck Porzellan for the ARD

The Design cup Softpad Mug looks modern and trend-conscious as a promotional mug with a logo printed on it. The cup shape with the straight lines is simple and timeless. That's why these coffee cups quickly became one of Mahlwerck's top sellers. The Softpad Mug has been a proven brand ambassador for many years.

This unique design cup
matches with remarkable brands

  • Softpad Mug is made of high quality porcelain.
  • Refining from 250 pieces. All Mahlwerck refinements are possible.
  • The silicone pad is available in standard 4 colors: white, gray, black and red. From 500 it will also be delivered in the color of your choice.
  • The pad and porcelain mug are of course dishwasher-safe.
  • The pad provides scratch protection and a good stand of the cup.

The mix does it

The material mix of silicone and porcelain combines two haptic and visual opposites: the soft, cuddly and matt silicone and hard, shiny porcelain. These materials are the perfect complement to each other: you've never seen a cup like this!

Coaster silicone pad for modern cups



Already from 500 piece you can order the silicone pad in your desired color!

Print or engrave a colored cup. Here for Lufthansa with the Design Mug Softpad Mug by von Mahlwerck Porzellan



The Art of Branding: cups and mugs as promotional items. The Softpad Mug as Pop Art Star

The Art of Branding

A strong piece
German design

The curators of the “Design from Germany 2011” exhibition thought so too and took the Softpad Mug and the original Coffee2Go reusable cup with them to the touring exhibition in Milan, New York and Hong Kong.


The Art of Branding: cups and mugs as promotional items. The Softpad Mug as Pop Art Star

Logo mugs in CI colors with material mix - Mahlwerck porcelain
Motif high-quality printed mug with pad in transfer printing - Mahlwerck porcelain
Promotional mug in gold with printed logo - Mahlwerck Porzellan
Mugs as promotional items with branding - Mahlwerck porcelain
Promotional mug with softpad with logo for the ARD
Promotional mug with white engraving and black softpad logo
Matte promotional mug for hotels with engraving - Mahlwerck Porzellan
Have promotional mugs printed with text - Mahlwerck Porzellan
Simple logo print on cup with softpad in CI colors - Mahlwerck porcelain

Advertising Effectiveness
with long-term effect

With the Softpad Mug, you can grab one in style high quality design coffee mug, which delivers its brand message in the long term and unerringly! As an advertising medium, it is something special among the logo mugs.
Innovative advertising ideas can also be implemented in an eye-catching way: send the pad by mail, for example. And the field service will bring the cup itself on the next visit.

All innovative refinements of Mahlwerck porcelain are possible on the large advertising space of this promotional cup:

  • Engrave logo and motifs: from simple to circumferential deep engraving in the porcelain
  • brightly colored cups: a hydroglaze with additional engraving or logo print
  • the scratch-resistant logo print, branded at 850 °
  • fine photo printing: the so-called Mahlwerck high-level printing in the best offset quality

In combination with the pad in special color results in interesting effects. Whether subtle emphasis on CI colors or gaudy attention, the Softpad Mug fits in with its color diversity to every brand appearance.

Mahlwerck porcelain

Mahlwerck porcelain