CoffeeCache customer acquisition


Hat of Agent McCoy - our recommendation
There is a new brokerage agent who sends targeted high-class customers to your store.

Let's call him Agent McCoy ...
Your future customer already has a mug in his hand.

This customer receives a coffee.

Agent McCoy has the manufacturing cost for this coffee portion
already paid for you!

What do you think?

What will your future customer do next?
Just disappear again?
Or take a newspaper, a cuddle and particles for yourself and your family?


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Recommendation Marketing:

Coffee2Go with RFID chip

The scenario: A company »M« orders 1000 cups with coffee credit. The coffee credit is booked and paid by you.

  • Now the company »M« advertises with suppliers, partners and customers with the cup on which the logo of »M« is printed
  • »M« has a promotional item with added value: not just a cup, but cup + coffee credit
  • for a comparatively small sum (profit of the coffee portion) you have a new visitor in your shop.
  • You can prove how good your snacks are, how tasty your bread is, how friendly the service.

NEW! Now also with RFID chip only in the lid!

Coffee2Go with RFID Chip - Mahlwerck porcelain

CoffeeCache is the to-go system for customer acquisition!

Especially for companies that have to offer all sorts of additional. Get active new visitors to your shop and convince them of their quality and their services.

  • On the bottom of each cup, no matter which brand or company distributes it to their customers, there is the logo and the note that the coffee credit is to be collected in your stores.
  • In each cup there is a small leaflet, which is explained again for the end customer, what the cup "can". Here is on each leaflet reiterated your name, as the address where the gift credit is redeemed.

CoffeeCache can be adapted to your specific needs.
For example, the company may also pay for the coffee portions as part of the employee benefit plan.
But one thing is for sure: nothing works as well as a recommendation!
Start today!

CoffeeCache is a win / win situation for all concerned!

Start today!

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    Cover with RFID for payment

    The intelligent 2Go lid!

    A particularly smart solution is the integration of the fully functional RFID chip in the Mahlwerck 2Go lid! The lid takes over all functions of the cup and takes over the function of a customer card.
    can be used with any Mahlwerck 2Go cup
    Form 344, Form 345, Form 467 Wave
    inexpensive and variable
    Chip surface printable

    Coffee to go lid with RFID chip for payment - Mahlwerck porcelain

    Coffee Cache POS system for Coffee to Go


    • Connection reader on the POS system
    • Data storage in a central database in the data center of the customer
    • Central entry-level software for POS system
    • Control RFID reader via POS system
    • Data management (customer, promotion data, etc.) centrally in the data center
    • RFID chip has unique ID
    • Analysis of customer behavior
    • Transparency over cash bookings
    • Great infrastructure
    Necessary effort:
    • Middleware, database
    • Interface POS system / RFID reader

    RFID Coffee2Go cash register system

    • Software runs on existing cash register computer
    • easy integration
    • For reading and writing to the chip, an external reader is connected via USB interface
    • Debit and debit and cash on a device
    • Low cost and installation effort
    • Evaluation / document via file transfer
    • Possibly. No network or WLAN connection possible
    • Thus, a report must be output via a USB interface
    Necessary effort:
    • RFID Reader
    • Software installation at the cash register
    • Training of employees

    • Simple hardware in the form of a tablet or mini-PC
    • no interface to POS system necessary
    • quick implementation
    • no integration effort
    • higher cost because hardware investment is needed
    • Output of the report decentralized, but also possible via WLAN access
    Necessary effort:
    • MiniPC or tablet
    • RFID reader via USB
    • Training of employees
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    Mahlwerck porcelain

    Mahlwerck porcelain