Sustainable & climate-neutral promotional items made of porcelain

100% climate-neutral promotional products by Mahlwerck Porzellan
Promotional items from Mahlwerck are particularly sustainable,
ecological and environmentally friendly!

carbon neutral


Since January 2018, Mahlwerck Porzellan has been carbon-neutral with 100%. No ifs and buts.
To do this, we have made the entire company and our products climate-neutral.
Because we want to take responsibility. Therefore, we also assume the entire costs for this.
Now we have extended our certificate to 2023.

The sustainable promotional products and finishes from Mahlwerck will not cost a cent more.

Economies also at
promotional items

For a long time they should be as inexpensive as possible - the give-aways and small promotional gifts for customers and prospects. Unfortunately, most of these so-called giveaways are quite short-lived. This is another reason why the promotional products and merchandising sector is difficult terrain when it comes to climate protection.

Environmental awareness is rising among consumers
Due to the increasing environmental awareness among the population and the now noticeable climate change, the way of thinking has changed for several years. That's why companies expect climate-friendly action and social awareness. Sustainability has become an important topic in many marketing departments.

Cups and Coffee to Go Cups - Eco-friendly reusable cups

Premium advertising media are used longer. So they are inherently more sustainable

Sustainability in promotional products

Mahlwerck - a solution for climate protection.

In terms of sustainability, Mahlwerck has long been a pioneer in the industry. Porcelain is inherently durable. That's why cups and mugs have always been a relatively sustainable promotional product solution. As the inventor of Coffee2Go made of porcelain and Supplier of reusable solutions for many years, Mahlwerck Porzellan has been setting standards in sustainable corporate policy. Our next, logical step was obvious: our business processes and production should also be sustainable.

Climate neutral - the next step in climate protection
Logo mug, brand cup, Coffee to Go porcelain mug and Co. can be reused almost infinitely. Now the entire manufacturing process CO2-neutral should be handled. This is the case since January 2018! We work 100% climate-neutral and thus contribute to a further element of sustainable business.

Eco-friendly promotional items made of porcelain

Principles for compensation of emissions

If you want to produce 100% climate-neutral, which is impossible at first, this is done - globally consistent - according to the following principle:

All processes and consumptions in the company are first recorded and it is determined how many tonnes of CO2 each individual consumption and each individual process causes. For us, this is 900 tons per year.
Then you buy so-called CO2 certificates from the UNO. These must be imagined as securities. Each certificate has a specific price and represents a certain amount (tonnes) of CO2.

So we bought a corresponding number of certificates for our 900 tons that are valid for two years. The money we have paid for it is passed on by the UN to certified projects in the so-called Third World. This money will be invested in advanced technologies there. Thereby exactly these 900 CO2 tons are saved for two years, which we caused here by our existence.

Reusable cups - Coffee to Go CO2 produced neutrally

Sustainably promote with Mahlwerck porcelain

Exactly these are the following projects:

  • VCS forest in Peru: The region is part of the Amazon rainforest and at the same time a nature reserve that is home to numerous endangered animal and plant species. The support will make illegal logging unattractive for local farmers.
  • GS Biomass India: Generation of electricity from biomass residues. The residues are mainly used rice husks. Since biomass is a CO2-neutral fuel, no greenhouse gas emissions are caused during production.
  • Hydroelectric power plant in India: Generation of electricity by a river hydropower plant. The electricity generated displaces fossil fuels. The electricity generated by the project does not lead to the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
  • Wind energy in China: The wind farm traditionally replaces thermal power sources. The electricity generated by the project will replace part of the conventional electricity, thereby avoiding CO2 emissions.

Sustainable integration in the company.

This topic is only indirectly about the production in the Czech Republic itself! For example, we use heat recovery to save energy. Without these measures, the carbon footprint of our production would not be 2 tons of CO900, but much higher.

Climate neutral print on porcelain

Sustainability is developing more and more traction

Logo climate-neutral production100% CLIMATE-NEUTRAL PRODUCTION - Mahlwerck Porzellan is allowed to label its environmentally friendly cups, mugs and dishes with this logo. In this way, we also meet the wishes of many customers and users - for ecologically sound and long-lasting promotional items.

Many companies rely on ecology, environmental protection or even incorporate these aspects into their corporate philosophy. For these companies, we have exactly the right solution for their promotional products with our climate-neutral products.

Mahlwerck porcelain

Mahlwerck porcelain