How to turn your business into reusable cups!

This makes it possible to switch to reusable cups in companies

Reusable cups for employees – the Boehringer Ingelheim company is doing away with disposable cups

How to switch meaningfully to reusable coffee to go mugs!

More and more companies are aware, that something must be done in terms of environmental protection and sustainability . The pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim shows how to convince employees to avoid waste and at the same time make the transition to reusable cups - with personalized coffee to go mugs by Mahlwerck.


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Important information from the video:

Short facts about Boehringer Ingelheim:

  • family-run pharmaceutical company
  • about 15.000 employees in Germany
  • produces medicines for humans and animals
  • at four locations in Germany

Alignment of catering & canteen:

  • daily about 7.500 food
  • strong focus on health and regionality
  • Catering units try to avoid garbage.

Reusable instead of disposable cups:

  • In the past year, several hundred thousand to go disposable cups were consumed
  • Project for reusable cups was launched.

Reusable Coffee to go Mug made of porcelain: a project with many advantages!

  • Personal and individual cups with names for each employee.
  • Porcelain is optically and of high quality.
  • Practically thanks to good heat protection of the band. So Coffee to Go can also be taken along well.
  • Porcelain is unlike others reusable alternatives completely harmless to health.
  • The cups can be easily washed in the dishwasher.
  • The taste of porcelain is best from a gastronomic point of view.
  • Sustainable contribution to waste prevention, because of the long useful life of porcelain.
  • Appreciation for the employees becomes clear through the high quality gift.

Overall, a major leap forward in the field of waste prevention was made and many employees were encouraged to think ecologically.

Disposable cups are for Boehringer history! Discover our reusable coffee to go cups made of porcelain here >>>
Mahlwerck porcelain

Mahlwerck porcelain