Velvety - Soft Touch for dishes

Velvety - soft surface for porcelain and cups
Black mug with black pad and white logo
Promotional mug with logo and soft surface - Velvety by Mahlwerck Porzellan

Cups that your customers never give away again

Velvety - promotional cups with soft touch

Have you been around lately receive a compliment for your promotional products? In advertising cups with soft-touch surface that happens constantly! At least that's what our customers tell us. Because Velvety makes porcelain a sensual, soft experience. It is incredibly velvety and soft. Cups that your customers never give out of their hands again!


  • Soft surface through velvety soft coating
  • aesthetic appreciation of the surface of a porcelain item due to the very unusual fatigue
  • amazing feel
  • Excellent to combine with logo engraving and hydroglaze
  • dishwasher safe
  • eye-catching branding that addresses multiple senses at the same time
  • possible in connection with decor print


  • not possible on white or very light glazes
  • Conditionally scratch-resistant
  • only over the entire surface on the whole cup available outside, no faces


  • from 250 pieces

Your customers will no longer want to put away advertising cups & cups with Velvety soft-touch finish.

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