Magic engraving for cups & mugs

Promotional mug with magic engraving

A great, surprising effect! By heat, the color of the cover changes over the colored engraving. The underlying color can be any Pantone color.


  • a logo engraving is covered with a thermosensitive paint, which becomes transparent when exposed to heat and thus disappears
  • The magic color can be deposited with any color after HKS or Pantone
  • The cup can also be fully colored in conjunction with Hydroglasur
  • the color glaze is water based
  • completely free of harmful substances and absolutely suitable for food


  • Hydroglaze is not 100% scratch resistant and therefore not suitable for the tough daily routine
  • more effective are large logos or bold fonts, hair-thin motifs can not
    engraved so deeply and are therefore unsuitable for this technique
  • there is no white cover color when cold


  • From 250 piece
  • all Pantone or HKS colors
  • Metallic colors, gold and silver colors
  • Hydroglaze surfaces semi-gloss or high gloss
  • the cover color is available in black and dark blue, special colors are also available on request
  • various red, yellow and blue tones available.
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Mahlwerck porcelain

Mahlwerck porcelain